Discover the motorcycle paradise of the high Alps and tour three countries with the experienced motorcycle guide Luggi.

The Alpine region is popular among all fans of motor sports for its spectacular windy roads The Biker-flat rate offers all motorcycle fans a great vacation package in the Alps with specialist support throughout your stay. The first commandment of Hotels Luggi is to present bikers with top quality and absolute motorcycle competence.

 A wide range of offers for guided motorcycle tours belong here just as much as a workshop and a covered parking spot. Under the wings of the experienced bikers and owner of the Hotel, Luggi you will experience an unforgettable adventure with like-minded peers throughout the three beautiful countries of Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

 Biker Info:

Guided tours with host Luggi
Guided 2 day tours with accommodations
(Switzerland / Italy) - on request
Lockable garage for your motorcycle
Workshop, Drying room
Laundry room, Tour plans
GPS latitude 46/58 03 N, longitude 10/10 58 E